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2-4th august
binegar quarry

team activities

what we do

workshop days

Almost every weekend we get together to build, repair or tinker with whatever needs to be done that week. We film these days and release them on our YouTube.

race weekends

With two cars entered this year, we'll be at the awesome Dirt Nationals off road race series. These are the main event for us, with the whole crew in the pits supporting.

team days

Its not all workshop and race days. Sometimes we take team days out for the fun of it. We try out other sports and support local businesses and activities.

REGULAR videos

We film our fun and share regular videos on YouTube and Facebook. Want to partner up and appear in one?


Most race teams have sponsors, we have partners. Its kind of the same thing, except we work with them to ensure support is well worth it for their business.

always evolving

Maybe we'll restore some classics, maybe we'll try out a different kind of racing. We're definitely going to host some nice car meets. Watch this space...

not your average racing team.

Formed from a conversation in a pub, as all good ideas are, Escape Goat Racing members build their experience and confidence on and off the track.

We know that racing is good for you, physically, mentally and socially. 

The friendships and bonds formed in the workshop, on the track and in the pits are based on mutual trust and a common goal. The learning is all hands-on and practical and the work is often physical.

Racing is an escape from everyday life. Escape with us.




To get people who otherwise wouldnโ€™t have had access, knowledge or support into motorsport, mechanics and the media surrounding motorsport.



To form a group so that teams can race with support even if multiple members have family or life commitments.



The team must sustain itself. Members are not financially stressed by committing to the team.ย 

We know our sport isn’t the most environmentally friendly, so where possible: reduce, re-use, recycle. Our support trucks run on bio-diesel, LPG and solar power.



Not only for our team, but for the sports we love. To bring them to a wider audience using our shared media, marketing and outreach skills.

โ€œFinishing races is important, but racing is more important.โ€

Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR
what are we up to?

our channels

We release regular videos on our YouTube channel, you can also keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram. 

2023 results

dirt nationals 2023


2023 Dirt Nationals Trophies so far:
Round One
Jimny Spirit of the Event

Round Two
Jimny 3rd in Class

Round Three
Jimny 3rd in Class
110 Fastest Qualifying Lap

Round Four

Jimny 3rd in Class


Jimny 4th in Class

110 5th in Class

ultra 4 British Championship 2023


2023 Ultra4 Trophies:
King of Britain
110 2nd in Class (Stock)

on and off the track, we're dedicated to bringing you the good, the bad and the ugly about living with race cars.